Luis A. Hernandez
Software Developer, Mobile Developer, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer

I earned a Master of Science degree in Information Systems from Texas A&M International University. I also hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice with a minor in Management Information Systems from the same educational institution.

I designed my own website with the purpose of showing my skills and abilities to those small companies seeking someone who can help them find a solution for their business needs, and also to those individuals who need computer applications that can facilitate the performance of their daily tasks.
Luis' Programming is the programming source not only for small businesses but for any person who wants to obtain better and faster results with less effort.
Its main focus is to increase the productivity of small organizations and individuals by providing them efficient and effective applications or programs for their daily activities.
On the other hand, Luis' Designs is an extension of Luis' Programming and it offers graphic design capabilities as a complement for small firms in order to promote their corporation in the social media.

Our services:

Customization of software applications according to specific customer's or business' needs.
Ability to create designs for flyers, brochures, company logos, etc. with the purpose of promoting their business in social networking sites.

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